1965 Chevy C10 Stepside Pickup

Classic Pickup Truck Restoration

An Iconic American Truck, restored by Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage in 2016. The owner always had a dream of driving around town in an old restored classic pick-up truck. The durable mechanical components of the truck is what sold him on this truck. He was eager to get started on the restoration of the body and paint. He brought the truck to his home and started on some disassembly.

Rust mitigation was an important part of starting on the restoration. New floor pans were welded in, patch panels were necessary on the front fenders. (get with Mike to go over the restoration details of the truck)

The color selection of the truck was originally red but in the end decided on the factory Turquoise & white from 1965. The two-toned camel interior was completed by a local seamstress in the community and is a perfect compliment to this truck. The customer’s craftsmanship on the wooden and chrome bed liner brought this restoration to another level.

Today you might see this truck around town. Maybe at the garden center, grocery store or just out cruising the streets. It’s hard not to wave and honk when you see this one out on the roads!

PERFORMEDAuto Body, Paint, Interior, Trim Restoration
STATUSFinished Project
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Disassembly process was initiated by the customer as this was something he was interested in tackling himself and also to save time and money. He delivered the truck to us in a condition where we could get started on the rust mitigation and body work. Disassembly is a very important process. You need to take extreme caution when removing the original parts. Original parts can be weak and brittle and replacement parts may be difficult to relocate. Staying organized during the disassembly process play an important roll when it comes time to reassembly.

Metal Floor Fabrication

It’s very common to see rusted holes in the floor boards of these trucks. Especially when they come from a part of the country with humidity and snow. This truck was in need of new floor pans. The old floor pans were cut out and new pans were welded in. – Mike needs to finish with more details

Rust Removal

More info to come.

Complete Auto Body Work

From rust repair, metal fabrication, parts replacement, dent removal and body work to eliminate any body defects, this truck had a complete exterior over-haul.

Auto Paint

The client wanted to change the original paint scheme and make the C-10 a two tone with 1965 factory colors, Turquoise and White. This paint job was shot with Glasurit 90line followed by several layers of clear to give you this super smooth glass finish. The color selection on this truck has drawn in a lot of attention at the local cars shows and has even taken home a few awards.

Interior Work

The interior dash was painted in a light brown color to accent the interior seat upholstery which was fabricated by a local seamstress. 

Wood Truck Bed

During the restoration process, our client was working just as hard to complete the bed of his truck.  This truck bed was hand crafted with white oak wood slabs separated by prefabricated chrome strips.

Mike & Paulette's Final Thoughts

More info to come.