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A Small Town Auto Body Shop

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We are an independent auto body shop located in the heart of Franktown, Colorado. Not only do we strive to produce quality workmanship at a fair price, but provide quality customer service as well. Alongside our classic car restoration services, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of services to benefit the needs of our community.

Franktown Collision and Restoration Garage

The Story

Franktown Collision and Restoration Garage began when Mike and Paulette first started dating. Mike was eager to build Paulette a classic car that would be great on gas mileage. Mike found the perfect project car, a 1962 VW bug from a small Ma & Pa auto body shop (Douglas Auto Body) in Franktown, Colorado. Mike felt that it was a great starter project but it definitely needed a lot of TLC. Mike spent many late nights in the garage and less than a year later he completed the restoration project. Today, you can often find the little teal treasure around the shop. In 2014 Mike and Paulette were presented with an opportunity to purchase the business.  On April 1, 2015 Franktown Collision and Restoration Garage was established and continues to preserve the legacy of serving the community’s collision & auto restoration needs. Mike and Paulette feel it is very important to keep the same Ma & Pa feeling to the shop. 



From day one it was very important for Mike and I to hire a “team”. Our team members are a very crucial part of our mission. On a snowy day in late spring 2015, Mike and I had our first “talk” about adding the first team member.  Since that day we continuously strive to provide a work environment our team enjoys coming to; A place where they are respected, respect others, provide quality work, and feel proud to be a part of the auto body shop.

We respect the commitment that our team makes every day and the pride shown in the quality of work produced. We respect that our team members are lifelong students of the industry, and constantly contribute to the success of the shop. Every day is filled with new challenges and we are committed to finding solutions and working together as a team to get the job done right.

“It’s crazy how the team dynamics can change. I would say we have been pretty lucky.” ~Paulette

Most of all:  We all love classic cars!

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