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Providing classic car auto restoration, auto body repair, welding & fabrication, rust removal, auto paint services and more! Each classic car restoration project is unique, no two are the same, and each client has a different vision and we are here to help make your dreams become a reality. We want to help you bring your project that's sitting in your garage back to life!
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Classic Car Auto Restoration
Auto Restoration


Fabricating A Plan

Sometimes the plan is discussed over the phone, at our shop or on location.  From day one you are the leader in the project.  We are here to provide you with auto restoration services that we feel confident in delivering a service we can stand behind. Furthermore, deliver craftsmanship that will satisfy you at a fair price.  If we are not the best shop suited for your project we always do our best to refer you to someone that may be of assistance to you. 

  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Estimate
  • Time Frame
  • Schedule


You actually have a choice when bringing your vehicle to us.  You can save money by removing and installing old or new parts in your own garage.  The choice is yours and we will discuss it at the time of fabricating your plan. We do have some options when it comes to trim repair.  Trim comes in various types such as; aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, nickle, pot metal, and plastic.  We have techniques and processes to enhance the appearance of your original trim when high quality reproductions can not be found or are not cost effective.

  • Trim Removal
  • Parts Organization
  • Parts Order
  • Parts Polish & Repair

Rust Mitigation & Metal Fabrication

We strive to preserve as much of the original body as possible. We assess each project to determine what is the best way to repair and restore your project. The rust will either need to be removed and replaced with new sheet metal or mitigated by media blasting and corrosion protection. It all depends on the severity and location. 

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  • Media Blast
  • Epoxy Primer
  • Sheet Metal Repair
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding
  • Parts Replacement (Welded & Bolt on)

Body Work & Paint Preparation

Auto body repair and restoration is where we excel, we strive to preserve as much of the original body as possible. We use minimal body fillers to smooth panels and accentuate the original body lines . Once body work is completed it goes into the paint department to get surface primed. Once it’s out primer the vehicle will get a final block sand and inspection before paint.

  • Test Fit Parts
  • Body Filler
  • Primer
  • Block & Sand


Once the car is ready to paint we begin by spraying a sealer to create a sealed uniform surface.  This will help for proper adhesion, and help produce an even color balance. From there, depending on your color selection we will spray the base, mid-coats and clear coat.

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  • Paint Jams
  • Align Doors
  • Base Coat
  • Mid-Coat
  • Clear Coat x3 +
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Color Sand and Buff
  • Sealer
Ford Deluxe Auto Restoration

Custom Work

  • Body Modifications
  • Accessory & Body Kit Install
  • Retro-Fit
  • Just Ask!


Broken Glass


Replace your worn out original glass with new glass and seals. We can fix, replace or adjust your old roller assemblies to get your windows rollin’.s.

Hand Painted Pinstriping
Hand Painted


Whether you are interested in the lost art of hand painted pinstripe or the modern way of graphic arts.  We can take care of the special additional touch of pin-striping and graphic arts. 

VW Bug Brown Tan Interior


We are more than happy to assist with completing your full restoration with interior by introducing you to one of our preferred vendors or hire the vendor for you to complement the restoration. We have many options available and we are more than willing to work with you through-out your project. Full custom interiors, pre-sewn templates, recovering your old tired seats, armrests, door panels, sunvisors.

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