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Auto accidents can be a traumatic experience and can create a disruption in your daily routine.  At Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage, we understand how stressful this situation can be and we strive to make your auto body repair experience as smooth as possible. If you have been in an auto collision and you are looking for an auto body repair shop that works for you, the customer, to restore your vehicle back to its original beauty, using original manufacture parts, we are may be the shop for you.  In addition to providing auto body repairs on modern day vehicles, we are one of very few shops in the area that provides collision services on classic cars.

Discover why Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage is an auto body repair shop for the owners who truly care about their vehicle. If you have been in an accident and your vehicle is not safe to drive, or you think it may be non-repairable, call us at (303) 688-2276 and we will arrange for a tow service to bring your vehicle to our shop. 

Car-Collision_Auto Body Repair


All customers are welcome at Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage.  Obtaining an estimate is the first step towards getting your repair process started. Offering both written to detailed computerized estimates. Typically a visual estimates is performed prior to disassembly of the vehicle. Most visual estimates are not 100% accurate because of the probability of hidden damages. However, a visual estimate is a great way to get started moving in the right direction of the repair & restoration process.  Please give us a call to schedule your estimate appointment.


Your Vehicle, Your Investment, Your Choice!

Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage is a shop that works for you, the client. An independent shop that is interested in the quality of each repair, furthermore, the satisfaction of every customer. Contrary to what you may have been told, it is your right to choose the shop that will repair your vehicle. If you have been told you can not come to our shop, give us a call and we will be more than happy to jump on a conference call with you and the insurance company to clear up any confusion or “miscommunication”.

If we have provided you with an estimate or you wanted to hire us to repair your vehicle but were unable to we would love your input. Please help us improve our services by filling out this feedback form. 


Colorado’s Unfair Claims Practices Act

No Insurance? No Collision? No Problem!

Additional Services


Auto Body Repairs

Today, many of us treat our vehicles as an investment. Sometimes we invest more in our vehicles than we invest in our homes.  Protecting and taking good care of your vehicles is very important. We offer a variety of cosmetic services that can help eliminate the appearance of the normal wear and tear that our vehicles can get while on the road.  So, whether you have dull  or peeling paint that needs to be freshened up or if you have other minor cosmetic repair needs, we most likely provide a service that will enhance your vehicle and improve the value.

  • Cosmetic Repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal PDR
  • Bumper Repair
  • Paint Protector Film
  • High Speed Buff & Polish
  • Hinge Replacement
  • Headlamp Restoration
  • Collision Repair
  • Glass Replacement
  • Door Ding Repair
  • Auto Parts Repair & Replacement
  • Auto Parts Refinishing
Seamless Clear Bra

Paint Protector Film


Protecting your vehicles paint from rock chips and road debris can save you from costly repairs in the future.  Exposed metal can lead to corrosion and/or rust.  We provide two different types of paint protection.  Clear film is the traditional and most common paint protector which you will see on many vehicles on the roads in Colorado.  Along side the traditional “film” (Clear Bra), we offer a high quality spray-of film that blends into its surroundings, eliminating harsh lines which are common with the traditional film.  This option allows us to apply this protection to any area of your vehicle seamless and smooth.  Our seamless paint protector can be buffed and re-applied over time eliminating the need to “peel” off the traditional adhesive film risking damage to the paint.


High Speed

Buff & Polish

Maintain the beauty of your vehicle with our comprehensive complete auto exterior buffing service. At Franktown Collision we use a high Speed buffing process that is done by only our highly trained and skilled technicians.  The benefits of high speed buffing are;

Fresh layer revealed — This is the primary effect of buffing your vehicle. Under the layer of paint that has been exposed to the elements for years is a fresh layer that will shine.

Removes minor scratches — No matter how careful you are, scratches to your vehicle’s clear coat are bound to happen. Buffing your vehicle will often remove these blemishes, as long as they aren’t too deep.  Please understand that by buffing and polishing a vehicle will NOT remove every scratch and/or damages. Scratches, chips, and marks that have gone through the paint may still be visible.  Marks or flaws under the clear coat may still be visible.  

Longer lasting finish – Buffing and Polishing a vehicle is NOT a lifetime guarantee and will dull over time. The best way to prolong the appearance of your vehicle is to take good care of it. By treating its exterior with care, your vehicle’s finish can last quite a bit longer.  We recommend keeping the vehicle indoors and out of the harsh environment elements. Hand washing your vehicle with a fresh clean soft cloth such as microfiber is always best.  Always use a washing agent that is designed specifically for vehicles (ask one of our representatives for recommendations).

Classic Car Fender Collision Repair

1965 Ford Thunderbird

T-Bird Auto Body and Paint

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