1949 Ford Deluxe aka "Shoebox"

1949 – This Ford Deluxe, popularly called the “Shoebox Ford” which received its name due to its slab-sided, “ponton” design.  It was a new design and the first model made after WWII, production was suspended from 1946-1948.  This design continued until 1951.

This project originally started by Sammy, the older brother of the proud driver of this vehicle.  Unfortunately Sammy passed before he was able to complete this restoration. He left his younger brother his Deluxe in hopes that he would finish the restoration and some day it would be back on the road.

The Deluxe came to us in May of 2017  in fairly good shape, with minimal rust and in an epoxy primer.

We completed the body and paint in September 2017 and the customer continues to make improvements to their new classic automobile.

PERFORMEDAuto Body Work / Repaint
STATUSFinished Project
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1949 Ford Deluxe


Color Selection

Unsure of what color to select they knew they did not want any blue, green or red.  After several visits to the shop looking at color chips, they decided to go with a more neutral tone to coordinate with the camel leather interior. They were set on a metallic as they wanted to give it sparkle.  A champagne gold with the roof and trunk accented in a cool chocolate metallic shade. 


The dash was decided to be painted after the exterior was completed. They chose to paint it the dark metallic of the roof, trunk and peak of the hood cowl.  

The First Test Drive

This is very nerve racking but is necessary, we want to ensure that everything is operating properly and that the customer will have a safe drive home.

We got many waves and people talked to Mike about the car and they even snapped photos while filling it up with some gas. We did lose the driver side mirror going down Parker road.  Yes, that can happen but that’s why test drives are important, of course a new one was replaced.

We were thankful there was no other damage caused by it.  A few nuts and bolts were tightened and the next day she was picked up.

Mike & Paulette's Final Thoughts

It was a fun project and we really enjoyed getting to know our customers.

By the reaction of many spectators during the short period of time we had it on the road, we think you made Sammy proud.

We really enjoyed working on this project with the new owners of this 1949 Ford Deluxe, our clients, and our new friends.