Covairt Customs Co.

Previously Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage


Our Services

Project Restorations

Focusing on metal, fiberglass restoration and refinishing we have a passion for working on unique projects. We have had the privilege of working on iconic American classic cars, exotic European cars, motorcycles, race cars, airplane parts, vintage campers, tractors, remote control airplanes, and even a vintage school bus.

When repairing, customizing or restoring your project back to original, we strive to produce accuracy while focusing on details.  Working on diverse projects requires research, time, cooperation and patience. With every job we strive to produce and deliver quality craftsmanship.

Welding and Fabrication

Welding and metal fabrication is what we excel at and are moving our focus to. We provide custom metal fabrication & finishing, aluminum welding and polishing, as well as CNC Plasma cutting. With this service we are not limited to only working on vintage projects, we are more than happy to provide fabrication services to meet your welding or fabrication needs.  We have worked on bar stools, tractor seats, flag poles, custom built smokers, custom brackets, signs, prototypes, metal art, wind vanes, re-enforcing hitches and more!  

Additional Services

  • Rust Repair
  • Parts Refinish
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Brackets
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Cosmetic Upgrades/Repairs
  • Motorcycle Parts Repair & Paint
  • Odd Requests

Previous Projects

1949 Ford Deluxe

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1949 – This Ford Deluxe, popularly called the “Shoebox Ford” which received its name due to its slab-sided, “ponton” design.  It was a new design and the first […]

Time Machine

/ / / /
This motorized bicycle was built from what’s believed to be an early 1930’s Hawthorne Bicycle. Headlamp is a carbide acetylene lamp. Acetylene gas lamps were […]

1953 Harley Davidson 165ST

/ / / /
1953 Harley-Davidson 165ST restoration has been completed and we are now accepting offers on this beautiful piece of history. The bike has been completely disassembled […]