1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Saloon

Class and elegance is a perfect description of this car.

This Rolls Royce came to our shop for a complete exterior body and paint restoration. This car was re-painted in the 90’s in a metallic silver color. It appeared that there was very little disassembly with this vehicle as the paint was chipping and bubbling around the chrome trim and window seals. The owner wanted to fix these areas but also change the color of the car. She wan’t to add a metallic red.

The vehicle arrived and immediately went in to disassembly. This is a very well made car and the disassembly took a lot of time and care. Once the vehicle was disassembled we sent her to get media blasted. We did this so we could erase the previous restoration work and expose the bare metal and assess how much body work was necessary. The body had no rust, was fairly straight, but still needed attention and bodywork. Once the bodywork was done it went in for primer and came back out for a detailed feather, prime and block. She was then transferred into our paint department-First the metallic silver and then the metallic red. Two clear coats sealed the color giving it a beautiful shine. The car took Approx. 10 hours to buff and polish giving it that smooth gloss glass-like finish.

The Rolls Royce was reassembled with all new seals and installed a few new parts that were missing to make her complete.

This 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II was featured on display at the Forney Museum of Transportation in March 2017.

PERFORMEDAuto Body Work / Repaint
STATUSFinished Project
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This Rolls Royce had been previously painted which was beginning to crack and retract off the car. The best solution is to have the entire car media blasted and disassemble the interior and remove the glass. The interior on these cars are handmade and it was still in great shape. The team was meticulous to make sure everything was accounted for and ensure accurate reassembly. You should not be able to tell at all that it had been removed at all.

Media Blasting

Most of the work that goes into repainting a car is in the preparation. This starts with having the entire body media blasted to remove any old cracked paint and other body fillers. Cars from the 1950’s and into the 1960’s commonly had lead used in the seams as well. Having it media blasted is the only way to get to it so it can be removed or mitigated.

Body Prep

Most of the work that goes into repainting a car is in the preparation. At Franktown we like to start with a ______ primer followed by a polyester primer that helps us further shape the cars body lines; long before using any body filler.


The client wanted to change the original paint scheme and make the Silver Cloud a two tone with ________ and _________ colors by Glasurit followed by several layers of clear to give you this super smooth glass finish which is what we needed to stand out at the Forney Transportation museum.

Mike & Paulette's Final Thoughts

More info to come.